GDPR Compliance

The GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation has ensured and protective data policy that replaces the Data Protection Directive ( DPD) that secure the data more prominently in the Europian Countries. The GDPR law enforcement came to protect and secure the data from data breaching, stealing and processing under unlawful influences.

We, Market analytiq, a trusted brand solution, follow the GDPR norms and regulations. As a partner solution, we follow the GDPR practices and ensure our customers and partners that our database is secure in terms of spamming.

A brief about the GDPR

The Europian General Data Protection Regulation is an updated version of the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. On 25th May 2018, the new policy came into effect. The purpose of the new enforcement is to protect privacy in the Europian Union and protect the data of European citizens.

The GDPR encourages all the businesses in the Europian Union to be transparent in data handling and managing. It is a prevention act to prevent unfair practices of data managing and man-handling, which increased after the advancement of technology in the 80s European countries.

The fundamental principles of the GDPR in and around the European Union!

The fundamental principles of the new policy are to strengthen the previous directive. But the new law is more accurate in dealing with data delicacy and harmonizing personal and professional data. The following principles come into effective from 2018

  • Right to Access
  • Right to portability
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Consent
  • Severe penalties
  • Territorial scope
  • Privacy
  • Accountability
  • Breach notification

Our protection shield of the data following GDPR as follows

  • Our expert team always to be attentive to the GDPR obligations
  • We believe in a fair and transparent process
  • We inform our customer about the detail usage of their data
  • It is our top priority to take consent before sending any marketing emails to their inbox
  • Our database get cleansing on the regular time interval to remove the obsolete data
  • Our expert audit team check every detail of the data stored in our database
  • We are responsible for classifying and tracking every individual’s data
  • We follow the strict guidelines to protect, securely share and cancellation of access anytime

We are committed to secure every data with equal importance, consider our utmost duty.

Our Data Privacy norms!

Data privacy is equally important to data protection in terms of a fair deal. The following steps we take to measure the data privacy under our umbrella

  • We brief our customers about the GDPR and the regulation regarding the enforcement
  • Our expertise ensures that the authorized person can access the individual’s data
  • All our data is distinguishable and secure despite its storage space
  • Our database is protected through encryption and password-protected
  • We utilize our advance technology for data, network, and application security
  • Our expert team continuously keep an eye on the data breaches and inform you immediately if any fishing happen
  • Our organization complies with several other standards and regulations
  • We do a review of the storage of the data on behalf of our customer

At Market analytiq, our constant effort is to provide a marketing campaign around GDPR.

If you have any query regarding the new policy and the enforcement, kindly contact us.

Your privacy is our utmost concern!