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For those who are leveraging on the marketing have most Frequently asking the related questions gives brief information & helps you to thrive the business performance with our services.

30% would have direct dial numbers – 70% would be switch boards.

Our data was gathered and verified by the different methods as follows

Lists are compiled from membership rosters, registrations, public records, licenses, corporate & executive registers, postal records, surveys, questionnaires, census data, student lists, birth records, voter registrations, telemarketing efforts, mail & telephone inquiries and purchase information, telephone directories, rebate coupons, subscriber order forms, warranty card registrations, entry forms, credit & financial data, SEC listings, institution information, conference/trade show/seminar attendee registrations, government records, opt-in email responses, applications, and rating & licensing boards.

  • This is Raw Data that we collect. Once the Raw Data is collected we have a Multi fold verification and Opt in process we conduct.

All information is derived from proprietary, self-reported data, or sources of public record. It is obtained legally and ethically under strict list industry rules, regulations, and guidelines.

The two types of verification are:

Manual verification Process : In manual verification we have a tele-calling team which  constantly updates the contact names and also Phone and Fax numbers.

Auto verification Process : In the Auto Verification process we send out opt out mailers of our newsletters to check deliverability and also the accuracy of emails. We conduct in-house email campaigns and keep email addresses of only those people who opt-In to receive emails. We send monthly campaigns for list building on various new topics. We also take the initiative to update our current databases every quarter. The unsubscribe are effectively removed within 48 hours of notice.

An Opt-In process is conducted by us to find out if the contacts in the list are ok to receive messages from third party.

It is a kind of permission taken from the contacts to send messages to them. Therefore if your clients send messages to these contacts they would not be spammed. This is the only  way how a list can be termed Opt-In.

  • All the contacts in this list have agreed to receive mails from third parties as they click on the option OPT-IN.
  • If they do not wish to receive emails from third parties, they click the option UNSUBSCRIBE and we delete them from our lists. Therefore it is absolutely fine for your clients to send emails to these contacts.
We aim to maintain trustworthiness and thus with constant rework and updating methods using we do research for years. So the lists are getting updated every one month to ensure accuracy and quality.

We guarantee up to 90% on data fields and 85% on email deliverability. If anything does not meet our guarantee agreement we will replace with fresh records.

People change jobs every day. We understand business contact data is dynamic, always changing, and time sensitive. Within agreement term, if there are hard bounces, we shall replace with fresh records.

We will execute a survey campaign before delivery to remove soft and hard bounces. In case, if you find any invalid records, we will have it replaced with net new records. If we are not able to replace those contacts, we will have the refund processed accordingly.

No. But since the lists are provided in Excel format, you can upload them to Sales force.

We will provide you the lists as a soft copy, List will be delivered in an Excel/CSV format to download. We can also do the fulfilment for you however this is just an option and not a mandate.

As per our industry standards we can send you only 7 samples for your review.

DEMO samples are for review & analyze further on the data fields we offer on same. As per our terms this list comes with a guarantee of 95% accuracy on overall data fields & 90% on email deliverables & as these contact lists gets verified & updated on a quarterly basis, you can be rest assured with 0% Spam or solicitation issues on usage of this data.

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