Can-Spam Act

Market analytiq owes the data privacy of our prospects. In this context, we are dedicated to protecting the privacy of our clients while managing our email campaigns. We abide by the Can-Spam act’s state law and follow all the norms to run our campaign hassle-free yet legally approved.

What is Can-Spam act?

Effective from 1st Jan 2004, Can-Spam act regularities body follow up and scrutinize email campaigns in favor of subscribers. The law enforcement specifically endorsed controlling the marketing and preventing the spammers from protecting the individual’s data privacy. The enforcement body set the rule of penalties, fines, and imprisonment up to five years if found guilty.

We Market analytiq take utmost care while running our email campaigns to protect the data of our prospects. We do triple verification of data and rely only on authentic and genuine sources before placing them into our database. We prerequisite our prospects’ privacy while abiding Can-Spam of the state law before channelizing our marketing campaigns.

Our systematic data management is all set to abide the state law!

Our data management system cleans and verifies the data in the regular time interval to prevent spam. Therefore, our database is free from spam folders, and we never encourage any illegal spamming activity using our database. To ensure the enforcement protective in favor of our prospects, we include additional compliant requirements with Can-Spam.

Here the list

  • Direct subject line: We include a clear subject line in every email and never misleading our prospects by twisting the purpose of the emails.
  • Amendment of unsubscribing request: We respect our clients’ decision. Therefore, if we get unsubscribe request, we implement within ten business days as a set of rules by the enforcement of Can-Spam.
  • Mention office address: In every email, our subscriber gets the office address, including the area’s Pincode. The physical address ensures our genuine existence in the black and white gesture.
  • Identify the name and address: We ensure that all our emails mention from whom the mail is generating and office address. It is for the benefit of the recipient to recognize us easily.
  • Mention all the details in commercial emails: If our email campaigns run for commercial purposes and approaching any discount package, we mention every fact, including our office location, with authentic Pincode and communication numbers. It ensures that all our deal is genuine especially when monitory involvement takes place.

We earn trust through our business ethics!

We are a trusted brand of the USA and abide by the Can-Spam act to protect all the data. We respect our subscribers’ interests and decisions while running our email marketing campaigns.

Our establishment converges on the trust of business ethics for our survival strategy. Therefore, we do not encourage spamming, stealing data, and using it for personal benefit.

Our long-term policy includes a fair deal in every marketing campaign to earn respect and dignity of our prospects to horizon our business entity globally.